Fey Lamellenringe

...over 60 years experience

Those who have followed the development of Fey laminar rings since 1946 will remember that laminar rings were first produced in Germany in a single wound version. The "FK2 AS" was used to equip previously used pistons in internal combustion engines to reestablish the sealing or the compression in oval and "worn out" cylinders. These laminar rings were made from spring band steel or flat wire, including stainless steel and high-temperature alloys.

Fey laminar rings used as sealing elements for rotating and static sealing applications

Fey laminar rings combine a low contact multiple labyrinth with very little gap width and are especially effective for grease sealings and for the exclusion of fluid media, dirt and dust entry as well as other contaminations. In addition to their outstanding sealing characteristics for rotating components, the low contact laminar rings with low friction produce a significant reduction of internal heat and wear, which qualifies these sealing elements for high speed applications and applications in temperature and/or friction sensitive installations.